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President's Message

On behalf of the Minnesota Juvenile Officers Association, the Board of Directors and myself, I would like to thank you for visiting our website and for taking an interest in our organization.
Now, more than ever, there is an importance of having positive role models involved in children's lives. Who could have possibly predicted life, as we currently know it?  I hope that you would agree that having specially trained School Based Police Officers (SRO’s) in the schools is at the top of that list. Not only are SRO’s important to children in the school system but they are also a key component to bridging the gap between the school district, police department, and community. 
Not every police officer is qualified to be an SRO.  They need to be specifically selected and highly trained.  Our organization exists for the purpose of furnishing school-based officers in the State of Minnesota, the highest level of continuing education possible.  Each year our organization conducts an annual conference, which addresses current issues related to the state of school-based policing.  Once again, our conference will offer incredible training with nationally renowned speakers.  Finally, please be aware that our organization is also available to assist you, or your community, to address issues directly related to having police officers based in a school setting.   In essence, our belief is that this will make the lives of our children just a little easier and a little safer!
As an organization, we look forward to doing whatever we can to assist the State of Minnesota in continuing to have some of the best school based officers in the nation!  Please feel free to contact me, or any of our board of directors with any questions or concerns.
Respectfully Submitted,
Officer Tommy Strese~ MNJOA President 
Farmington Police Department


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