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Allison Jacobs, Police Officer
Speaker:  "Trust Your Instincts"
(The Jaycee Dugard Case)
Phone:  925-584-9055


Bystander Study - 06/06/08
Released by the US Secret Service, US Dept. of Education & McLean Hospital


DARE Minnesota


Dave Grossman's site


Department of Justice


Forensics Web

Contains a variety of ISPs and similar information services, specifically, contacts at the legal departments for service of subpoenas, court orders, and search warrants.


Grant information


Gang Resistance Education & Training (GREAT)


i-Safe, Inc.  - The leader in internet safety education.


Jim Fay's website


Methamphetamine Offender Registry


Midwest Gang Investigator Association


MN Crime Prevention Association


MN Department of Children, Family & Learning


National Resource Center for Safe Schools


National School Safety Center


Offers lesson plans for school liaison officers


Phil Chalmers - America's Leading Authority on Juvenile Homicide
Phone:  330-998-4340


Police Equipment Reviews




Search Institute


Snapshots of MN Youth - School Safety

Special Education Laws Resources (FL)


Substance Abuse in MN - A MN State Epidemiological Profile


US Department of Education


Youth Intervention Programs Assoc. (YIPA)

Keys2Drive - The AAA Guide to Teen Driver Safety


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